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Specializing in marine electronics outfitting in large yachts and cruise ships.

We know how important it is for your guest to have the best experience in their cabin and we believe a huge part of that comes down to technology.

Marine TV Installations

We specialize in delivering a perfectly finished TV installation in every cabin or public space.

 Your hospitality TVs will be installed securely on the wall or cabinet, connected properly with the highest quality cables using the best quality brackets.  In the case of an articulating mount its extremely important that your guest can move the TV in their desired position, and at the same time the TV will not move on it’s own with movement from (oceanic) conditions.  When it comes to wire management, we don’t take any short cuts we use properly sized wire loom and as many zip ties as it takes to secure the wires without sacrificing them at any pinch points.

Marine Access Point Installations


We always need to stay connected whether on land or at sea, having a network on your ship with the perfect WiFi coverage is amongst the most important features.  We have deployed networks with over 1,000 access points, ranging from smaller  in cabin units, the mid level public spaces as well as the exterior rated outside units. We work hand in hand with network designers to make sure each access point is perfectly positioned to achieve the best possible outcome.

A flawless cabin design requires a flawless and functional TV installation with exquisite cable management in cabins and common areas.

Collaborating with network designers and the ships ITO we make sure each access point is positioned perfectly to ensure the constant connectivity.

Specializing in the procurement of volume purchases from Samsung HTV's to cables and brackets. You can count on us to handle logistics.

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